For 40 years, our focus as an inspection and certification body has been on everything Organic

Official national organic labels
Official national organic labels
European organic Label
European organic Label
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Biogarantie® & Ecogarantie®
Other private labels
Other private labels

Our organic labels
and certifications

Do you want your commitment to the organic sector recognised?

Organic certifications allow you to promote your products and services to your consumers and customers. CERTISYS® is the Organic certification expert. We inspect and certify many official European and international organic farming systems (JAS, BIO Suisse, Canada Organic, etc.) as well as private specifications such as Biogarantie® and Ecogarantie® which cover areas not regulated by European Regulations. This applies to the food service industry, to cleaning products or even to cosmetics.We also work in collaboration with other Belgian and foreign inspection bodies to offer you a wider range of certifications such JAS in Japan or food safety certifications (Vegaplan, GLOBALG.A.P, autocontrole,…). We also offer NOP certification (USA) for operators already certified by CERTISYS® for organic farming.  At CERTISYS®, you will find the organic certifications that fit your needs.

Organic labels for a broad range of business sectors

Do you wish to engage in the production or marketing of organic products? Are you looking for information specific to your business sector?

There are a wide variety of business sectors. A farmer’s reality on the ground is different from that of a processor, a point of sale, or even an importer or an operator who works in the hotel and food service industry. Given that each sector has its own particularities in terms of labelling, rules to follow and steps to take to get started in organic farming, we have identified specific business sectors, and provide you with detailed information that is specific to your business.

agriculteur avec des poivrons bio
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you are involved in crop or livestock farming

préparation de baguettes bio
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you convert raw materials into finished products that you sell to consumers, you change the packaging or label using your name.

étale de magasin
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Points of sale

you sell products, packaged or in bulk, to consumers without producing, preparing or distributing them B2B.

camion sur la route
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you buy and resell products to other companies without changing the packaging or labelling.

Port marit
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Importers and Exporters from the EU

you import products from countries outside of the EU or you export your products outside of the EU Europe and you wish to market your products in Europe or the United States

Plat de mangue
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International project

you are a producer, processor or exporter of organic products outside

humain qui lave un évier
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Cosmetics and Cleaning

you manufacture cosmetics or cleaning products

grains bio
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Inputs and Raw materials

you market fertiliser materials to organic producers

Plateaux d'apéro
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you work in the food service industry and use organic products in the kitchen.


Active since 1980, CERTISYS is the pioneer of organic certification in Belgium. Our 100% Organic expertise and commitment make us the market leader. We support the development of your organic business in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Africa. Through CERTISYS, you can also have access to foreign markets such as the USA, Japan, etc.

In April 2021, we joined the ECOCERT Group. This alliance strengthens our position as the market leader of organic certification in Belgium and allows us to offer you new certifications with a positive environmental and social impact beside the BIO certification.

Why choose certisys?


The power of 100% organic expertise and commitment


Pioneer of organic certification in Belgium for 40 years


Local base: local inspectors who know your region


Quality service and rigour are at the very core of our DNA


More than an certification body, a partner in organic farming