Inputs Suitable for Organic Farming

Certisys offers two levels of guarantee to ensure the conformity of your inputs for use in organic farming:

  • The Documentary Review
  • The Inputs Attestation

What is an input?

By definition, inputs are products that are used in the manufacturing process of a product that is certified as organic, but which are not themselves certified as organic.

They include:

  • Fertilizers
  • Crop protection products
  • Cleaning and disinfection products
  • Oenological inputs
  • Additives and auxiliaries for food and feed

How do I know if an input is suitable for Organic Farming?

It can be identified by the words “product suitable for Organic Farming” on product labels and technical data sheets.

The Eurofeuille logo cannot be used for inputs and raw materials. It exclusively applies to simple or processed products that are certified organic.

Two levels of guarantee for your farm inputs


The Documentary Review

It consists of the verification of product formulas, ingredients and labels. If your input is compliant, it is listed in our database and you can use the Suitable for Organic Farming mention.


The Inputs Attestation

An additional guarantee
of traceability, quality and visibility for your inputs!

Inputs Attestation also starts with a document review stage, followed by an audit to verify the authenticity of the declaration made, the quality system and the traceability.

Following this complete control, the compliant input is listed as “attested” on our database, and you can use our “Approved by Ecocert” logo on your commercial documents.

The advantages of the “Suitable for Organic Farming” label and our services

  • A guarantee of the conformity of the input you put on the market.
  • A guarantee of safety for distributors and producers using this input. You make it easier for them to obtain their organic farming certification.
  • A database at your disposal where you can easily find more than 10,000 validated UAB commercial references for over 1,100 companies worldwide.

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