Our commitment

Our vision

As a partner and historical player in the Organic Agriculture movement, our objective is to remain an Organic Expert by continuing our 100% commitment to organics at the local and international level.

To this end, as an organic technician, we are actively involved in local and international structures to develop and promote organic agriculture in a participatory way.

We are involved in the evolution of the regulatory framework at all levels. Being a specialist, CERTISYS regularly collaborates on the work of the Regions and the European Commission via the EOCC on organics. Organics do not constitute a fixed system, but one that is constantly evolving.

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We play a major role in improving organic farming practices and in providing information to professionals. When a difficulty in applying the standards is noted during an audit, we inform the company and relay the information to the organic sector through our participation on various committees. We collect a lot of data on the organic sector, verify it and share it with the sector’s stakeholders in compliance with regulatory requirements. Through our expertise and our role as an information provider on organics, we have become an indispensable link in the sector.

We visit companies on a regular basis, which allows us to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our participating businesses. We can thus play a preventive role by informing them in an appropriate manner.

We are firmly convinced that the organic sector as a whole can contribute to building a more sustainable future. A world that has greater respect for natural resources and biodiversity and that is more socially equitable.

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Our mission

Our mission is to guarantee the credibility of organic farming through reliable and appropriate information, audits and certification. We can help you promote your products and activities.                                                                     

Our organisation was founded 40 years ago by a group of pioneers with a passion for the land. Engineers and agronomists who have sought to meet the challenge of reliable and credible auditing and certification of organic farming.
The auditing system of this sector is one of the foundations that allow it to develop in a healthy way, guaranteeing the authenticity of organics and preventing fraud. The resulting certification provides assurance to all stakeholders that a product has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the organic sector.

Apart from auditing, we play a major role in disseminating and updating the knowledge and tools that enable you to develop your activities and improve your responsible practices.

Our values

Our work is underpinned by strong values that enable us to maintain relationships of trust between our participating businesses, consumers, stakeholders in the organic sector and public authorities.