Organic Agriculture

The use of the term “BIO” or “organic” for food products is legally protected throughout Europe by a Regulation, BR 2018/848.

If you wish to market food products under the organic label, you must submit to the control of an approved organic organisation, such as CERTISYS®.

In addition to the European BIO label, there are also international and private labels, both private and public initiatives.

For most of these labels, you must first be certified to European organic standards in order to obtain them.

These may be in addition to the European BIO label and/or cover areas not regulated by the European BIO Regulation, such as the Biogarantie® label.

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Some of these labels were created long before the European Regulation. They offer additional control points for your organic products, such as the Belgian origin of ingredients (Belgian Biogarantie®), the respect of working conditions (Naturland), the respect of biodynamic agricultural practices (Demeter), etc.

They can help you promote complementary features of your organic products to your customers and reach new markets.

We can put you in touch with or guide you in obtaining official international certifications outside Europe, such as JAS in Japan, organic agriculture in China, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, etc. We also offer our operators in Belgium who are already certified in organic agriculture by CERTISYS® the NOP certification (USA).

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