CERTISYS® works closely with the various stakeholders in the organic sector, at European and regional levels, as well as with international organic partners. This page contains all the links to these bodies.


At Belgian and Luxembourg level




Belgian organic sector

Promotion of organic farming :

  • ApaqW: Agence wallonne pour la promotion d’une agriculture de qualité
  • BioForum vlaanderen
  • VLAM : Vlaams Centrum voor Agro-en Visserijmarketing


Representatives of producers:


Representatives of manufacturers – distributors:

  • Probila -Unitrab:  Union nationale des transformateurs et distributeurs des produits de l’agriculture biologique


Representatives of distributors and retailers:

  • Be-sup : Représentant du secteur des compléments alimentaires
  • Comeos (Fedis) : Fédération belge des entreprises de distribution


Consumer representatives:




Specialized Agencies



At European level


List of inspection bodies

Specialized Agencies


At international level


  • CertiBioNet : International Association of Inspection and Certification Bodies in Organic Farming
  • IFOAM:  International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
  • IFOAM E-directory  IFOAM Affiliates (Members, Associates, and Supporters)
  • FAO:  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FIBL : Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
  • NOP: National Organic Program (USA)
  • JAS : Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)


Organic news



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