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All the documents you need to start your collaboration with CERTISYS® are assembled here 

European Organic Label

Official systems in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

International labels

International project:

Other labels

Other specifications

Useful documents for a CERTISYS operator


Under certain, very strict conditions, derogations can be obtained within the framework of the European organic regulations. Various forms are available from the competent authorities or from CERTISYS®.


Organic Declaration

The Organic declaration form must be sent to us annually by all producers audited by CERTISYS® by April of the current year at the latest. This data is essential for the certification of your products and in case you declare plots to the premium service.


CERTISYS® has developed templates of forms, communication and standard procedures to help you set up your system and meet the requirements of the Organic regulations.

Informative documents

CERTISYS® presentations (PPT, brochure, etc.)

If you have any questions about our operations, our accreditation, the use of our logo, etc. the documents assembled here should answer them.

Practical guides

The regulations are sometimes unwieldy and complex, these documents are summaries of the applicable rules, which make them easier to read.

Informative notes

All the necessary steps to take to obtain organic certification per type of activity.

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