Active since 1980, CERTISYS® is the pioneer of organic certification in Belgium.

Our 100% Organic expertise and commitment make us the market leader. We support the development of your organic business in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Africa. We inspect and certify official organic farming systems as well as private specifications such as Biogarantie® and Ecogarantie®. Through CERTISYS® you can access foreign markets such as the USA, Japan, etc.

In April 2021, we joined the ECOCERT Group.

For both CERTISYS® and ECOCERT the priority is to drive for a sustainable world, especially by promoting BIO. We share the same vision for organic agriculture: guaranteeing the credibility of BIO and developing our sector.

The ECOCERT Group operates in more than 130 countries through an international network of 31 subsidiaries. It supports organisations in the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices through training, consulting, and the certification.

The ECOCERT certification brand is recognised worldwide by consumers for choosing demanding standards and for the quality of its guarantees.  This alliance strengthens our position as the market leader of organic certification in Belgium and allows us to offer you new certifications with a positive environmental and social impact complementary to BIO certification.

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CERTISYS in a few figures


More than 3,000 participating businesses

>50% of Belgian farmers place their trust in us


Almost 6,000 audits
a year


More than 1,500 analyses
a year


Three offices

one in each Region


More than 20 Belux auditors

of which 15% are international

Learn about our history

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a group of pioneers with a passion for the land, aware of the need to protect the soil and biodiversity, started the organic farming movement.  No organic specifications existed at the time. Everything had to be put in place! These organic pioneers helped draft European regulations and national private specifications.

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The European Organic Regulation was established. Blaise Hommelen created the company ‘ECOCERT BELGIUM’ to take up the challenge of reliable and credible audits and certification of organic agriculture and to enable businesses to get the best out of their products.

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ECOCERT BELGIUM was recognised by all Member States of the European Union with regard to its audits. The company took off and hired its first employees.

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ECOCERT BELGIUM obtained approval for audits and certification in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. At that time, the company monitored over 700 companies.

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ECOCERT BELGIUM expanded its auditing and certification activities internationally. That same year, the private Ecogarantie® specification was created to certify cosmetics and cleaning products not covered by the European organic regulation.

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ECOCERT BELGIUM changed its name to CERTISYS®. The company employed 24 people. An auditing system based on risk analysis was developed to better target audits in the field.

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CERTISYS® revamped its visual identity to reaffirm what makes it unique: its 100% organic commitment and its expertise as a pioneer in organic certification. Thanks to a motivated team of over 50 employees, the number of participating companies exceeded 3,000.

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CERTISYS® strengthens its position as the market leader of organic certification in Belgium and accelerates its development in the Benelux region by joining the ECOCERT Group.

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