The European Union market for Organic products is protected by European Regulations. There are complementary application measures on a regional Belgian level.

There are also national and private specifications which cover areas not covered by European Regulation.

Official regulations

Council Regulation (EC) n°2018/848 consolidated version

This regulation will replace basic regulation 834/2007 from 1 January 2022 according to Regulation n°2021/269.

It covers the principles and basic rules for agriculture, preparing foodstuffs and organic animal feed, distribution and imports as well as labelling and controls.

Council Regulation (EC) n° 1235/2008 consolidated version

It covers rules for implementation regarding imports of organic products from third countries.


Brexit: Imports and Exports from 1 January 2021

Situation of Imports and Exports of organic products following Brexit, from 1 January 2021.


EU-Chile agreement on trade in organic products

Recognising equivalence for the trade of organic products with Chile.


Consult the reference guide regarding certificates of inspection (C.O.I.) for importing organic products into the EU.

NB: the Regulations are regularly subject to modifications. Always use the latest version compiled including modifications and the latest Regulations published on the European Commission site or the  Journal of the European Union site.

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SPW notes

Find information about organic agriculture in Wallonia on the SPW Agriculture site.





All information on the specific Organic Regulation for the Flemish Region (applicable from 1 January 2022)

  • Ministerial Order of the Flemish Government of 11/02/2013 modifying articles 8 (population density) and 18 (definition of “small farm”) of the Order of 27/05/ 2011
  • Ministerial Order of 17/06/2015 relating to exceptional production rules for the use of non-organic plant reproduction material.
  • Ministerial Order of 16/10/2017 regarding exemptions in the use of potato seeds and plants in organic production.

Find information about Flemish organic agriculture on the Flemish authorities’ website.

panier de légumes bio proposé par CERTISYS

CERTISYS is approved in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (LU-BIO-06) and can help you certify your products

Find out about the official processes and procedures for launching your organic activities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg here.

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Version 7 of the CERTISYS Standard has applied since November 2020.

This standard exposes the objectives and principles, production rules, labelling provisions and control measures for non-EU operators who intend to export products advertised as organic to one of the European Union Member States. Any agricultural product produced, transformed or exported to an EU Member State and certified in accordance with this standard will be considered to be equivalent to the European regulation.

This standard contains two books. Book 1 covers general rules. Book 2 covers specific rules: