Simulate your fees as a processor - distributor - importer/exporter

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This calculator gives you an idea of your annual fee if you are a processor, packer, labeller, bulk buyer, dealer/wholesaler/trader, or importer/exporter.

Check the processor – dealer – importer rate to fill in the required information correctly.

This calculator is meant for relatively simple cases. The price given below is merely an estimate; it is not binding. If your business activity is more complex, please get in touch with CERTISYS at We will provide you with a detailed and personalised quote that matches the actual situation of your business.

New business (first two fiscal years)

Organic turnover




Bulk buyer:



No. of additional sites:

If you are a labeller, please do not fill in this box

No. of organic finished products:

If you are a dealer or if you buy in bulk, please do not fill in this box

No. of organic ingredients:

Only if you are a processor


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