Other private labels

There are other private labels (beyond Ecogarantie® and Biogarantie®), for organic food products, based on specifications managed by organisations or associations of producers, processors or consumers.

Often, these labels pre-date EU regulations and some of them apply to areas not covered by it such as cosmetics, clothes, cleaning products, mass catering, etc. or include stricter constraints than EU organic regulations.

blé bio

Below, you will find the most in-demand labels

logo agriculture biologique

AB Logo

The AB logo belongs to the French Ministry of Agriculture. It is mandatory and may be used alongside the European organic label. It is widely recognised on the French market, in particular.

The Agence BIO is responsible for managing the AB brand and its communication resources.

The first logo is only used for communication purposes, while the second is displayed on the packaging of certified products.

If you want to add the AB logo to your organic products, you should first read the rules for using the logo.

Then, you must fill out a declaration for using the “AB” brand for certification purposed with CERTISYS®.

logo demeter


Demeter® is an umbrella brand for food products from biodynamic agriculture.

The presence of this orange logo on a product’s labelling guarantees that it meets the Demeter® specifications.

Biodynamic agriculture is a form of holistic, regenerative agriculture which sees farms and, more generally, Nature as a living ecosystem where there is a relationship of synergy between animals, vegetables and humans.

There are several Demeter® associations across the world. We work with the francophone ones, in close collaboration with Demeter® France.

If you want to display the Demeter® logo on your organic products, you should read their specifications carefully before contacting them to sign up.

logo biosuisse


BioSuisse certification lets you sell your organic products in Switzerland using the “Bourgeon” private label.

logo naturland


Naturland is a private German label. It takes into account areas not covered by European regulations, such as social issues.

logo bio nach EG-Öko-Verordnung


Bio-Siegel is the German label which can be displayed on any certified organic product.

logo vegaplan


The Vegaplan Vegetable Production standard includes all the legal requirements relating to food safety as well as complementary requirements relating to product safety, traceability and product quality which each food chain must meet. The Standard also includes requirements relating to sustainability and incorporates legal requirements relating to integrated pest management. The Vegaplan Standard applies to all crops (apart from non-edible and decorative crops).

If you already have organic certification, you will find it easier to obtain Vegaplan certification. Indeed, many principles are similar to EU organic specifications and are based on the same values: sustainability, integrated pest management, traceability, quality.

logo globalgap


GLOBALG.A.P. is an internationally recognised set of standards designed to encourage Good Agriculture Practices. If you already have organic certification, you will find it easier to obtain GLOBALG.A.P. certification as many principles are similar to EU organic specifications and are based on the same values: sustainability, health, animal wellbeing, respect for the environment.

Do you want to display a particular organic agriculture label on one of your products, or are you interested in finding out more about a type of organic certification (Bioland in Germany, KRAV in Sweden, etc.)?

Please get in touch so that we can provide you with more information.