CERTISYS- "Certification System"

CERTISYS is an inspection and certification body specialised in organic products. We operate in Belgium and Luxembourg, and globally via the CertiBioNet network. Certisys certifies not only European, national and regional organic farming systems, but also private specifications such as Biogarantie® and Ecogarantie®. Thanks to CERTISYS, you can access foreign markets such as the USA, Japan, England, Brazil, Argentina, France, etc.

  • Recognition and commitment

    An approved and accredited body


    Since the entry into force of the European regulation in 1993, the “organic farming product” appellation has become an officially protected appellation. Anyone wanting to use it to describe its production must undergo an inspection with a view to certification. This inspection and certification must be carried out by an authority or an independent body, approved by the Member States.

    List of bodies or public authorities in charge of inspection List of bodies or public authorities in charge of inspection(pdf)

    In addition to being approved by the public authorities, that is to say the Ministries of Agriculture of the Belgian regions, CERTISYS must be accredited by an official body of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, such as BELAC.


    Ministry of Economic Affairs

    ISO17065 accreditation by Belac

    Acreditation certificate Nr 093-PROD Belac Acreditation certificate Nr 093-PROD Belac(pdf)


    Belgium (BE-BIO-O1)

    BE-BIO-01 CERTISYS : Each inspection body has a European code starting with the first two letters of the country where the organic inspection is carried out. The presence of this code on the product packaging certifies that the product complies with organic production standards and is proof of its official certification.

    Decree of the Government of the Brussels-Capital: production and labeling of organic products (03/12/2009) Decree of the Government of the Brussels-Capital: production and labeling of organic products (03/12/2009)(pdf)

    G-D-Luxembourg (LU-BIO-06)

    Third countries(XXX-BIO-128)

    Recognition Certisys Recognition Certisys(pdf)

    A body under supervision

    CERTISYS, like all inspection bodies, is supervised by the competent authorities. Each EU Member State has designated public authorities and/or approved private inspection bodies with responsibility for inspecting organic operators. Each inspection body is therefore required to apply the law and its constraints.

    Compliance with these obligations is controlled on a regular basis by:

    - the competent authorities that supervise the work of CERTISYS in the field;

    - BELAC, the Belgian accreditation body that audits all the accredited activity of CERTISYS (in Belgium, Luxembourg and third countries) in order to check that the records are complete and whether sanction have been imposed and followed up where nonconformities have been observed.

    A committed body

    CERTISYS is totally committed to the organic sector. It specialises in organic controls. It firmly believes that quality and reliability are the keys to the success of organic products. Its role is to offer the best possible guarantees, not only to enable operators to differentiate their products, but also to (re)assure consumers regarding the origin and quality of the products they buy.

    CERTISYS strives at all times to improve the quality of its services, by avoiding in particular the replication of high-risk situations and by providing operators with preventive support, as part of this approach. CERTISYS, a value added service.

    A partner of the organic sector for almost 40 years

    A true, impartial and transparent partner, CERTISYS has become, over the years, an indispensable support for the sector and a partner that is consulted by the public authorities on regulatory issues. CERTISYS collaborates on a regular basis as a specialist in the work of the Belgian regions and the European Commission on organic issues. Organic production is therefore not a static system; on the contrary, it is constantly evolving. CERTISYS maintains an ongoing dialogue with the operators who use its services:

    Via its controls: CERTISYS is the body with the highest frequency of controls; this is both a form of prevention and an opportunity to establish a high-quality communication between the inspection body and operators. “This inspection frequency,” notes Blaise Hommelen, “not only has an influence on the number of nonconformities detected, but also enables us to play a more preventive role, which is particularly useful during the conversion period. This helps our operators to be up to speed before the end of the transition. It is important”.
    Via its help desk which is staffed by qualified people who are available to provide prompt answers to questions.
    Via its communication: the publication of News, the development of practical guides and the participation in “Organic Week” all reflect the same commitment to accessibility. CERTISYS is present at several local events, as well as trade fairs and exhibitions and information days for operators. CERTISYS is always available and is happy to answer any questions you may have.
    Steady growth

    Certisys inspects more than 3,000 operators. Every year Certisys becomes the certifying body of more than 200 new operators. Overall, growth gains momentum every year. In ten years, the number of operators has tripled, as has the Certisys team, which now represents more than 50 people at your service.

    Read our latest Annual report

  • Local work

    An office in each region

    In addition to Brussels, where Certisys has its registered office, the company has established its main operating office in Bolinne in Wallonia. It also has an office in Flanders in the Ghent Ecological Centre (GEC) .

    The office locations have not been chosen at random. The main office in Bolinne is located in the centre of Belgium and is therefore an equidistant location for all our inspectors. As a trilingual company operating across the whole of Belgium it is important to have a local presence in the country’s various linguistic regions. The company’s office locations also reflect its ecological and sustainable values, to which it is committed on a daily basis. The Ghent Ecological Centre, with its associative approach, offers real partnership potential, for example with the organic restaurant "lekker GEC" and the Oxfam store which sells organic and fair trade products.

    The Certisys multi-cultural team is active not only in Belgium and Luxembourg, but also throughout the world via the CertiBioNet network www.certibionet.eu.

    Map of our three offices in red and of our 18 local inspectors active in Belgium and in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in orange.