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    We are linked by a partnership with bio.inspecta for the NOP standard. bio.inspecta is, like CERTISYS, the leading inspection and certification body in its home country, Switzerland. We share the same values and the same commitment to a sustainable and ecological world. CERTISYS is your priviledged interlocutor and its experienced inspectors carry out your controls on site. bio.inspecta ensures the NOP certification of your activities.

    Your benefit ? A common quality service based on the expertise of two reference bodies.

    To complete your application, you have to:

    • Provide an Organic System Plan (OSP) which is your NOP Quality management plan

    This OSP must be reviewed and approved by CERTISYS. In the meantime, you can withdraw your application at any time. The duration of the application review lasts more or less according to the complexity of your OSP. This means that it depends on the number of site(s), ingredient(s), fabrication process(es), end product(s), label(s), and on the fact that you jointly produce or not, conventional, EC organic and NOP organic products.

    • Provide a signed provision service contract.

    Information about NOP certification: NOP USDA fact sheet certification NOP USDA fact sheet certification(pdf)


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    Find our rates and all the necessary forms to apply for NOP certification here