Organic labels and certifications

The use of the term “organic” or “BIO” for food products is legally protected throughout Europe by a Regulation.

If you want to sell your food products under an organic label, you must submit to inspections by an approved body for organic products, such as CERTISYS®.

In addition to the European organic label, there are also national and private labels, which are the result of private or public initiatives.

Most of these labels require products to be certified to European organic standards as a pre-condition of certification.

They can be used in addition to the European organic label and/or cover areas not regulated by European organic Regulation. This is the case for the Biogarantie® label, for example.

Some of the labels were in place well before the European Regulation. They offer additional points of control for your organic products such as ingredients of Belgian origin (Belgian Biogarantie®), respect for working conditions (Naturland), respect for biodynamic farming practices (Demeter), etc.

These labels enable you to promote your organic products’ additional characteristics to customers and reach new markets.

We also work in collaboration with other Belgian and foreign inspection bodies to offer you a wider range of certifications such JAS in Japan or food safety certifications (Vegaplan, GLOBALG.A.P, autocontrole, …) We also offer NOP certification (USA) for operators already certified by CERTISYS® for organic farming.

We can also put you in contact with official national certification bodies outside of Europe such as JAS in Japan, organic agriculture in China, South Korea, Canada, etc., or advise you on how to obtain these certifications.

Our organic labels and certifications